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    2 days ago I noticed that the video on my website can not be loaded
    The video itself has no problem it is working on youtube.
    Any workaround?

    Thank you


    on the DOM i see the youtube ID: sWottFkB4eU
    if i move the mouse over the video background an click the context menu sometimes i can coyp video url – and this got: OBHdMrtbxY0

    i do not know where the mismatch happens

    Did You enter the video link in the data-fallback input field too?


    Thank you for your reply

    I removed the link from data-fallback but the problem still persists


    Where is the link ? (Anyway i got it in my browserhistory )

    You have updated to WordPress 5.8 – maybe there are some inconsistencies.


    but it was working after the update
    what do you mean by “link”?


    Hi manchust,

    Please send us a temporary WordPress admin login and login URL so that we can have a closer look. You can post the details in the Private Content section of your reply.

    Best regards,


    hello Rikard,

    please note it is a company website

    thank you


    Same problem here:
    Hope there is a solution for it.



    same problem on all my Enfold sites, where background video is set to a YouTube URL it shows as Video is Unavailable.


    We have the same problem with Fullscreen Slider videos – youtube videos show as “This video is unavailable”. It happens with many different videos that all work well on youtube.


    please check if on youtube – the link works – when you go to share – and press embed.
    If the video has no permittance to be “embedable” you will see this – allthough the video plays on youtube ( see darkend Background)

    your video is playing here on my installation:


    Dear support and Guenni007,
    In my case it was working in other elements, just not in the fullwidth slider. The update of last night did repare it.
    Regards, Ariane


    Did you find the problem?



    : Try to update the theme from v4.7.4 to the latest version (v4.8.4). The upgrade might help fix the issue.

    Best regards,


    Had this problem on numerous sites where the video plays in the background. Reckon it is related to the latest wp update. Found the solution in an old enfold support post. I have had many site saffected and this solves the problem

    add to functions.php in child theme

    /*fix for youtube video not found*/

    add_filter(“avf_youtube_video_data”, function($data) {
    return $data;
    }, 10, 1);

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    : Thank you for the info. The changes to the Youtube video data or parameters have been included in the latest version, so you do not have to add the filter anymore. Upgrading the theme to the latest version should unset the playlist parameter.

    Best regards,


    Ismael.. You did say The upgrade MIGHT help fix the issue… Do you or anyone else know if this is in fact a change to youttube data or is it due to the latest WordPress update?


    Hello everyone,
    In my case the update did help!



    : Yes, the changes have been included in the latest version of the theme.

    : Thank you for the confirmation.

    Best regards,


    I have the latest version of Enfold but the video is black and I can’t click on it.



    : Please open a different thread and provide the site details in the private field. We will check the issue there.

    Best regards,

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