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    I have installed a clean version of the theme 3.0.8 with the enfold child theme. I also have a few standard plugins installed Yoast Analytics, WordPress SEO, Limit Login Attempts, W3 Total Cache, WP Optimize, and WP

    I can add new pages. However, when I try to open the pages to edit in backend they take a long time to correctly load. The visual editor icons in their toolbar fail to load, the advanced editor is not accessible, screen options are not accessible, and I cannot switch between the visual and text editors. If I disable WordPress SEO then I can use all these features.

    I found a fix that requires an amendment to fuctions.php elsewhere in the forum
    but that had no effect at all.

    I have deleted the theme and reinstalled but the issue is still occuring.

    I really don’t want a situation where I can’t use the Yoast plugin? How can I proceed?


    Hey dannish1!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    I was able to create a page with WordPress SEO activated:



    Hi Ismael,

    If I open any of the pages I have already created I still cannot access the avia editor. The WordPress SEO plugin fields remain inaccesible on the pages. Also on the page you created I can see the editor but I get a spinning icon on the page and again the WordPress SEO plugin fields fail to show. If I create a page and click the avia editor, it opens but if i save the page and then try to refresh everything becomes inaccessible again.





    It looks fine to me when I log in and chose to edit one of your existing pages, the Yoast fields show up as normal too. Did you try to empty cache/restart your browser? Also, how do you know it’s a conflict with the Yoast plugin?


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    Hi Rikard,

    Disabling Yoast seemed to fix the error so I assumed that it was causing an issue somehow. I did clear the cache and retried in Firefox and Chrome to no avail. I will try again and see if I can get it to work too.


    I still can’t get it to work in Firefox. It now works in Chrome, however I did face a situation after updating the homepage a few times where the page wouldn’t fully load so to speak and I just got a loading icon in place of the content on the page. That issue seems to have resolved itself for the time being and i’m not sure how :s



    Ok, great. It very much sounds like a browser problem since I was able to use the backend without any problems. Hope it stays fine :)


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