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    Hey guys,

    yesterday I updated to the new version of Yoast SEO Plugin (1.4.14) and since then, some of the pages I created with Enfold don’t work anymore. I wouldn’t bother you, but I think it’s a conflict with the theme and I think you should know. The last version I got worked perfect with enfold, but now I think some elements or shortcodes like the Contact Widget and the Post-Slider got an conflict with the plugin. When I create pages which contain the Post-Slider or the Contact Widget, the hole content disappear and only the header and footer are visible.

    When the SEO-Plugin is deactivated, the pages works fine again. What can I do?



    Same here, it mucks up some of the formating. I did a enfold automatic update at the same time from inside wordpress, and thought that was the cause, but glad I came across your post. Disabling Yoasts SEO plugin fixed it. I did note that when teh SEO plugin was updated, it did say something along the lines of we noticed your custom.css and changed it.


    I was going to start using this plugin but will wait until this problem has been sorted.


    reinstall 1.4.13 version of Yoast plugin and wait till update.



    Is it possible to upload 1.4.13 by ftp manually and overwrite the 1.4.14 files, I would prefer to keep my Yoast Settings and Meta Informations or isn’t that an option?


    Same here, I am still under construction so I just turned Yoast off. But a solution is welcome. I am also a bit sceptic to downgrade.


    I have the same Problem. Have to deactivate Yoast…


    Just updated the Plugin to Yoast 1.4.15. Now everything looks fine again.


    Hi All,

    It looks like an update is needed to fix some issues with the last version. If anyone has any issues after updating just make a new topic and we’ll take a look then.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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