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    At the bottom of each blog post there is a “share this entry” section where a user can click various social links to share the blog post. However, when I click the twitter link, the shortened URL points to the temporary URL that I used when I built the website instead of the actual URL. I looked under the Blog Layout tab in the Enfold Child Theme Options and I can see where I can check off the social links that I want visible but I cannot see anything that allows me the change the URL.


    Hey lsrmedia!

    We use the wp_get_shortlink() function ( ) to get the short url of the entry and you can’t change this url. Maybe WP still stores the old domain/url in the database and you need to replace it. I recommend to use WP MigrateDB or WP MigrateDB PRO to export the database. Use the “domain replacement” feature to replace all occurrences of your old domain with the new domain in your database and export the database. Then make a backup of your old database, delete the database data and import the database file you exported with the migrate plugin.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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