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    I have been trying for ages to get ANY print plugin to work with Enfold. Yes, I agree, who even wants or needs to print a page at all but the client wants this feature. I have managed to get CleanPrint almost working properly, however, in order to have the entire page show up for printing, I needed to wrap a div tag around each text block item:

    <div class="cleanprint-include">Content here...</div>

    So, I manually added this div into each text block in the advanced layout editor, but I have tabs on each page and the titles are not showing up because I can see the raw HTML. What would be ideal is to know where to add this div in one of your files to wrap the entire page, but that may not work for the tabbed titles. So could you please let me know:

    1) Where to add the div tag to wrap the entire portflio item’s page
    2) Where to use the div tag to make the tabbed titles also show up.

    Thanks so much!


    Hi webWahine!

    You can edit header.php, find this code on line 70:

    <div id='wrap_all'>

    Replace it with:

    <div id='wrap_all' class='cleanprint-include'>



    I tried that and got a fatal error that totally broke my theme! Yikes! It did work when I manually added the divs into the test page but where would I be able to add the class=’cleanprint-include’ to make the tabbed titles appear, please? Thanks again.



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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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