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    Hello everyone.
    Installed theme enfold just super. But can `t begin to enjoy.
    I want to translate into Russian language. But 50% of the rows is not.
    September 18th, I downloaded the new version with Russian. There, too, these strings are not translated.


    Hey markinanton!

    1) Not all text strings on the admin page are translatable. Only the front end text strings (text strings which will show up when other users visit your website) are fully translatable.

    2) Probably the existing Russian language files are not fully translated yet and I can imagine some text strings (front end or back end) are still missing. You can use Codestyling: to translate the missing text strings.

    Best regards,


    I use WPML plugin for translation. He finds 30% of the rows. Sie ein anderes Plug-in?

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    Good afternoon.
    Also does not find these lines.


    Possible to know in which Fail to be English language.
    Can manually translate?



    You need to manually modify all translatable strings.



    string is not found!!! What’s not clear? Manually? where files are stored with the translation?



    The text string you marked in the screenshot can be found in: /wp-content/themes/enfold/config-wpml/config.php – search for

    			    $output .= "<li><span class='avia_cur_lang_edit'>Editing:</span><span class='avia_cur_lang'><img title='".$languages[ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE]['native_name']."' alt='".$languages[ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE]['native_name']."' src='".$languages[ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE]['country_flag_url']."' />";
    			    $output .= ICL_LANGUAGE_NAME_EN." (Change)</span>";

    Replace “Editing” and “Change” with your custom text. We’ll make it translatable in the next version.

    Best regards,


    when the wait?



    We’ll release the new version next week, we added the new icon font uploader and markup and we need to test the theme extensively first.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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