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    For the top header, how can you make it say “English” instead of showing the British Flag.



    Please post a link to your website. We’ll investigate the code. Maybe the icon image is missing, etc.

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    The same goes for me, I would like to have EN DE TR instead of flags. Flags are a sensitive issue down here in Turkey.

    Best, Nedim



    By the way I was amazed how enfold automatically put the language selector. Great!

    I already had WPML installed before enfold and WPML did it automatically! Great work!



    It seems, some code went mysteriously into the framework… yay, flags, I want text. Few days ago ppl were asking how to get flags there… :D


    Open up wp-contentthemesenfoldconfig-wpmlconfig.php and replace:

    $output .= "	<span class='language_flag'><img title='".$lang['native_name']."' src='".$lang['country_flag_url']."' /></span>";


    $output .= "	<span class='language_flag'>".$lang['native_name']."</span>";


    $output .= "	<span class='language_flag'>".$lang['language_code']."</span>";



    1- I don’t want to use WPML dropdown selector. I want to replace the flags with only text name and show it in the shrinking fixed header as another button, closer but over to the right to “home” and other buttons (similar to the “contact” position in this support website). It is possible?

    2- My intention is show only the “Spanish” button when visitors are seeing the site in “English” language. If they click “Spanish”, the site will change to Spanish language and only shows the “English” button. I found the following css rules but i still can’t tested.

    #[name of element] li {



    #[name of element] {



    This rules will work?

    What is the [name of the element] for WPML text name?

    3- I’m using the Enfold child theme. I’m a newcomer to the web design. How should I modify the child theme in order to prevent the loss of this changes from later theme updates? I saw the Devin’s video tutorial for child theme and I suppose that I have to copy-paste wp-contentthemesenfoldconfig-wpmlconfig.php to wp-contentthemesenfold-childconfig-wpmlconfig.php and then modify the lines specified by Dude. I’ll be grateful for confirming this point.

    I don’t want to modify anything that I can break. :)





    how can I sort flags inline in language switcher in the top menu? I want to display only flags, without language name.





    I’ll close this thread now – please post your questions in separate threads.

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