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    Hello friends,

    Ok, I am trying to figure out the WPML plugin. I watched youtube tutorials, read through the support threads on here (and) on the WPML forum, . . . but it’s kind of complicated to receive support from the WPML team because of the unique way Enfold is coded. I would like to just translate specific sections of a page like this :

    Can you guys help me out a bit. This plugin is complex! It looks like there is no longer an option to position the the language selector in the header area anymore either.

    Thank you very much


    Oh, I see that WPML DOES offer Enfold support. Sorry. i will update shortly to help others.




    You can use the “Save template” button ( ) to save the template and then just restore it on the other, translated pages and modify the content of the sections you want to translate.



    Really?! This sounds great! Your link isn’t working for me though. I will see if I can track down how to do this. Don’t want to keep bothering you guys. I’m sure the answer’s on here somewhere.

    Thank you for the lightning fast response!




    The link is working just right click it then Open Link in a new tab.



    Thank you Ismael. This helped.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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