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    I’ve raised the question in another topic but I still haven’t found the answers I’m looking for! The topic was simply closed without providing any meaningful solution: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -for-languages/

    The solution you suggested is to use a third party plugin to fix some of the issues – this is unfortunately not always possible;
    None of the solutions provided fix the core problem: Redirection is still broken, WPML has to configured to redirect pages in another way, synchronization is not always possible, etc. But most of all – not using WordPress’ static pages breaks other plugins as well.

    What am I supposed to do with the untested code provided? Will it be included in the next update? Will the next update overwrite this quick fix? Are you planning on resolving the issue with WPML?
    The theme is listed as WPML compatible and SEO-friendly, yet sadly it doesn’t support those basic features. Blaming the WPML staff for this issue is simply unprofessional – if you browse themeforest and test other top themes then the issue doesn’t occur with WPML.

    In the topic I took my time and tried to provide you with a lot of useful feedback. I’ve even linked you the support thread in the WPML forums in case you guys need to work together to find some kind of a solution.

    Enfold is a really beautiful theme, please don’t ruin this piece of art by ignoring obvious issues.


    Hi toshe!

    I’ll contact the WPML and ask them to include a filter in the next WPML version. If they include a filter we can fix it. Unfortunately the WPML support staff is not very helpful when it comes to WPML bugs.

    I.e. the last time we reported a bug ( ) we simply didn’t receive any help and the issue is still not fixed because of a bug in the WPML plugin code.

    Update: I posted the feature request here:


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