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    Hi there.
    Every time I activate WPML plugin, 79$ version, website is blocked, pages blank.
    It is enough to activate plugin in order to block website. Is there a why?
    What should I do to check if my config is correct?
    It looks very weird…
    Would you like to access and check?

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    Hi dalcnetsrl!

    Please increase the allocated memory to 128M: – you need to modify the wp-config.php file.



    Hi Dude!
    As a matter of fact, increasing memory size makes the plugin working back again. But… sorry, there’s a big but or bug. I think some settings block some posts to be visible. It occured that every category disappeared except from “Uncategorized” which I translated in “ALTRO”. Is there a specific reason? I check and disable some settings relating to automatic translation, but no way. Should I ask for some clearance to WPML support?
    Thanks and best regards.



    Can you please give us a link to the website? Refer to this link for further info about posts translation: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -taxonomies/?aid=8271&affiliate_key=K9b6X1wRp9SS”> (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -taxonomies/



    Well, I’ll try to stick to the guide in order to make it work. I actually made a step back by using the the basic installation. I’ll let you know further. Thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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