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    We translated everything with the WPML online-translator editor, which redirects you to the wpml-cloud.

    But the translation is not going to be displayed.

    WPML online-translator editor

    Here is our translation of the specific page “background”:

    Image of translation:

    But it’s not to be seen finally on the page it self. Either I look in my page in the backend nor in the frontend.

    Even If I use the not the advanced cloud-based online-editor. But the on-page editor. It doesn’t result in an translated page:


    Another Issue is HTML-Code is not interpreted.

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    Generally speaking, WPML is working without those sophisticated editors. But, then, there is no possibility to invite translators, via link. They have to go to the backend end edit the specific page in its specific language.


    Please can you check my case. Sorry for my impatience. We really need to check if we can use WPML/Enfold. Thank you for your kind support.





    Thank you for using Enfold.

    Up to now we did not get any bug reports with translation editor and Enfold.
    WPML has a compatibility team to integrate Enfold and also does a lot to keep everything running smoothly. And we also are in contact with them.

    For your special case – this seems to be related to WPML and not to Enfold.

    Did you already open a support ticket at WPML?

    Best regards,


    Hi there,
    it seems there is an incompatibility with avia.
    Any Idea?
    Thank you!



    Thank you for coming back.

    I’ve been in contact with WPML – they are having an eye on it.

    There is a WPML problem with Avia Builder and special characters (like german Umlaute ä,ü,.. but likely also those in other languages).

    It would be helpful to find out, which ALB element causes the problem. So the only way would be to make a copy of the page and then remove one element after the other and check if the translations still break (or the other way add elements to an empty page with the same setup one by one).

    Best regards,


    Thank you for continuing on the subject.

    We will not continue on the subject because it has already taken a vast amount of time. The information given should help you to figure it out what the problem is.

    On the bottom line, there is in fact an incompatibility if you would like to use html, like an anchor tag in a content-element like headline with an icon.
    In Enfold is everything working. And if you translate it NOT in the wpml-editor, its working. If you are using the advanced editor its not working at all.

    That’s it for now,
    Thanks again.

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