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    Hello we have many licenses for enfold. We use WP rocket on all of our sites. We’re experiencing an issue on all of them, where the available update (via token and envato api) does not show up unless we deactivate wp rocket. So the theme updates get missed regularly unless we login, deactivate wp rocket, then click the check manually link in the theme update settings.

    Any chance we can get that fixed?

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    Hey Sievers,

    The caching plugin is caching the response from the Api and so it shows old data.

    Maybe this can help you

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,
    How can we prevent this? I’m sure other folks have ran into this. exclude the ?page=avia in wp rocket?



    We haven’t had any other users with this problem so I’m sure we have a solution, maybe you could try reaching out to the plugin developers first?

    Best regards,


    Ok I’ve filed a support ticket with them and will report back when I hear from their developers.

    Other themes dont do it however, we use Astra on some sites and that theme’s updates aren’t cached. I’ll let you know



    Thanks for the update, I’m guessing that it’s something local to your site. It’s likely not theme related. We’ll keep this thread open in case you should need any further help from us.

    Best regards,


    This is what WP rocket said.

    Since WP Rocket only caches the public facing side of your site and not the backend where you login to manage WordPress, it’s unlikely to be the cause for this particular issue.

    (But if iThemes sync and / or Envato’s API somehow rely on front end data for these updates, then that might mean WP Rocket’s caching is involved.)

    Perhaps you’ve got some server side database / object caching in place which is responsible? e.g., Redis, Memcached, etc.


    Hi Sievers,

    No, we are not using any of those. iThemes can actually be blocking the update check.

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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