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    Since, this thread has been closed to new replies, I will edit my original post with a solution.

    Within your LayerSlider -> slides -> global settings, there is a use relative URLs option. This should be disabled. Doing so will insert an absolute path to your images and also link URLs. After making this change you will need to re-select all the images in the slide, and re-save. Afterwhich, Duplicator seems to translate this correctly – or at least for the first few tests I’ve tried.


    I use the duplicator plug-in to move from my test-site to the live site. This generally works without any issues.

    However, I’m now using the Layerslider-WP and the image/thumbnail links within the layerslider do not appear to be translated correctly – admittedly this could be a duplicator issue! I also use an easyslider within the site, and these images and other images are translated without any problems,

    After transferring the site, the webpage loads, but the LayerSlider stalls in the circle-of-death.

    If I subsequently, edit the layer slider, click on each and every image used within the slider, and re-assign them from the media library, then it is ok. i.e., the images have been duplicated correctly, but the references are incorrect.

    Re-save permalinks in duplicator doesn’t appear to help.

    For example, when moving from the live site – to a local test site.

    1) The slider works and images are referenced in LayerSlider-WP as /wp-content/uploads/2013/09/aed.png

    2) After the duplication, the image is still referenced as /wp-content/uploads/2013/09/aed.png, but the image thumbview isn’t found and contains a ‘X’.

    3) Clicking on the reference and re-selected the image from the library inserts
    which when saved becomes /wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/aed.png

    Notice the extra ‘wordpress’ in the correct path – this is the directory used by the Instant WordPress test program that I’m using.

    The setup on Duplicator changes into and so it should work automatically?

    Moving from the test site to the live site suffers the same issue.

    It seems specific to the layerslider on how its storing the image reference since other image references seem ok – or is it duplicator that is at fault?


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    Hey ChunkyBits!

    We’re not the authors/creators of LayerSlider (but Kreatura Media: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /922100 ) and I’d suggest to ask this question in their support forum here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /discussion/922100 because this issue affects all LayerSlider users and is not limited to Enfold users. If they don’t want to help you (because of license reasons, etc.) please bump this thread and I’ll ask Kriesi to get in touch with the plugin author.



    Hey chunkybits,

    i have the “same” problem, my links change in the right direction when i make the transfer from my livesite to my localsite!
    but from my local to my livesite, the links to my pics in the layerslider still the links to my lokalsite!

    here is an answer from the support, you also see it in the faq`s there;

    Hey Carsten,

    Here is a helpful section on the FAQs page:
    -> Browse To:
    -> Find Section: “2.Installer => Parts of my site did not update what should I do?”
    -> If you discover a tweak/fix not on the FAQ please let me know and I will get it integrated into the plugin or on the FAQ.

    Hope that helps!

    but i dont know what they in the first points want, i didnt check that, maybe it helps for your problem, blease let me know when you fix that.

    nice weekend

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