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    I am using the Enfold Theme.
    The website wp back-end admin area has been running very smoothly and extremely fast up until 3 days ago.

    I often open more than one table in the back-end (such as several products at a time in order to edit quickly).
    previously i could open about 13 tabs each of a different product to edit in the back-end very quickly and effectively. Unfortunately however since yesterday just one tab lone is VERY sluggish and slow. At first i thought it was a server issue so i contacted my hosting provider and did ALL relevant checks – my server is running at tip-top shape. I pay over $100 a month for my server hosting on a VIP server and as i said before, it was EXTREMELY quick before.

    Last night a task which used to take me 10 minutes has taken me 1 hour – i can’t work like this. I am convinced it is a theme issue and i need it sorted ASAP.

    I looked at previous threads and it seems like people have had this same issue in the past but there has been no resolution from Kriesi.

    Please note that the issue is not with the front-end, it is with the backend mostly!

    Any help with this is highly appreciated please as it is getting too ridiculous to do the simplest of tasks.


    Hey Moss,

    Please send us a temporary admin login and login URL so that we can have a closer look. You can post the details in the Private Content section of your reply. Also, did you do anything in particular before this started happening? Also please point out where the problem is worst.

    Best regards,



    Thank you for getting back to me.

    I have sent you the login details in the private content section.

    I did not do anything for this to happen. I’ve used the website back-end in the same way since 2015, however, without reason the backend has become excruciatingly slow.

    This is now in all areas of the Backend pages, but is most annoying – and a little worse – within WooCommerce functionalities of the backend. For example, previously, i used to select several tabs of different product pages that i wanted to edit. I used to do about 12 products tab-by-tab simultaneously. This meant that i can update 51 product prices in under 12 minutes. However, now, it takes far too long for a single tab to open, and if i open more than 3 or 4 at the same time, i would have to wait even longer, and it sometimes crashes. This process now takes about 1 hour.

    I have had to come off CloudFlare because the time that it takes loading, Cloudflare serves an error due to timeout.

    I hope this helps.

    Let me know if you need anything else




    Ok, thanks for the feedback and login details. Please try installing these two plugins which will show you what is consuming the most resources on your installation:,

    Best regards,



    I have installed and activated both plugins. The P3 profiler plugin doesn’t seem to give me the data i need; the results only shows the data of itself and no other plugin. Must be a glitch.

    As for the other plugin, i am not sure how to read the data in this. There is so much! I don’t think it’s advisable to paste this all here. Would you be able to login and view the results yourself in my backend?




    I had to take down the query monitor plugin because it conflicted and took my site down serving a 500 error.


    Hi Moss,

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure what to recommend if you can’t run those plugins to be honest, maybe you could try checking back with your hosting provider if they can see something in the logs? Without those plugins it’s close to impossible for us to say what could be going wrong.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    I have spoken with my hosting company, and although everything from the server side seems to be running absolutely fine, the admin backend is heavily slow and sluggish, often timing out.

    They have ran a full test and found that the two culprits are WooCommerce and JetPack plugins running the most scripts. It is also the Admin-Ajax which is being heavily loaded for some reason. Also, when i activated the Query Monitor plugin (before it consequently took my site down) I noticed that there was a lot of duplicate scripts/requests form the Enfold theme (in the hundreds). Could this be due to my child theme at all?

    I really need to resolve this because up until recently, the theme was running perfectly with WooCommerce and JetPack, if this is indeed the reason.

    NOTE: If i disable the JetPack, the front-end is much slower and my user experience falls dramatically, so I need this plugin. Also, my whole website revolves around the WooCommerce plugin, so disabling this is no option.

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    Ok, thanks for that. The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, so I don’t think that should be the problem. JetPack is another story though, since it’s such a large plugin it’s very hard for us to be compatible with every aspect of it. I don’t understand how JetPack helps your front end to be faster though, what exactly in JetPack is doing that? If you are referring to minification or caching then you should be able to find alternatives to JetPack which are much smaller.

    Best regards,


    The issue has been resolved last night but no thanks to any help from Enfold support. For the sake of the enfold community, however, I think people should know how this has been resolved so that those who fall foul with a similar issue can get some legitimate help without being told to remove plugins and switch the lights on and off..

    I have done absolutely everything I could possibly do. I have literally stressed every post in the forum with people who have experienced something similar and followed every advice, from using WordPress memory limit all the way through to reinstalling a fresh copy of theme files.

    I have asked for information relating to this with help and advice but there was nothing that you guys actually helped with other than regurgitate the same thing you regurgitated in previous threads.

    Nonetheless, after almost a month of stress and loss of time and money, I came to discover that enfold does not perform good at all with php7.1. it breaks the site when using cache plugins. It also makes the back end excruciatingly slow beyond belief.

    I reverted back to php5 and my website is now fully functioning with the cache plugin, jetpack and MaxCDN. Furthermore, the WordPress backend is now working at bullet speed.

    I’m a bit disappointed that you were quick to blame my super fast hosting and other plugins before questioning the ability for your theme to work on the latest php7. Yes, enfold works on php7, but not fully. It’s slow, sluggish and it will break your site without warning.

    I will remain on php5 for now but I hope that you in future develop the theme to be more fit and able for php7+.

    I hope this helps other people identify similar faults.



    I’ve been on the phone with my hosting company as well. The front-end of my website is blazing fast, but the back-end is unusable.

    My web host also believes Enfold to be the issue. I was super close to rebuilding my site from scratch (It’s brand new already) and thought to look at the forums.

    I’m running PHP 7.1 on other Enfold sites, without issue. At a loss here.


    How/why did you decide to drop all the way down to PHP 5? Did you test any versions between 5 and 7?


    After stressing out every possibility, we decided to reduce the PHP version from 7.1 down to PHP5. I have since upgraded to PHP 5.6.31 and it is working perfectly. Give it a shot – you might be experiencing the same issue as me and this might resolve it.


    Hi Mosab,

    Thanks for the feedback. If this was a general problem with the theme then we would have a lot of customers having the same issues, but we don’t, so it’s likely that something local on your site is causing the problems. Glad you got your issues sorted out though.

    Best regards,


    Having the same issue backend running very slow yet front end is ok. Downgrading PHP has not helped. Any other ideas to try?


    Hi lanelee,

    Please open a new thread and include admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look.

    Best regards,

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