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    Overnight WP released 4.6. When WP issues updates I go through bits of trepidation. Although Kriesi has been fantastic, very fast with updates and always on top of issues, other frameworks haven’t in the past and I always worry. I never worry about the Enfold updates though, odd that. ;-)

    As the owner of 20 licenses (soon to be 21) I need to ask, any known issues with this release? Or perhaps the recent update to Enfold pre-empted any possible issues?

    Thank you in advance for reassuring me and for keeping a great product up to date and rocking the WP house!


    Hey MichaelAlbany,

    There are none that I know of right now, but as always with various updates things tend to break here and there unfortunately. I’m guessing the situation will be a bit more clear within a week or so but so far it’s been pretty calm here at the forum.



    I just noticed some issues. If you have Yoast SEO plugin activated, you can not edit posts. Pages still can be edited but if you want to edit a post, the advanced layout editor is loading and loading – but nothing happens.

    I had to deactivate yoast seo to continue my work.




    I happen to have clean install of WP 4.6 with Enfold 3.7.1 loaded. The only thing loaded other than the theme and WordPress was a single image where I am trying to work out a background layout, no posts, or anything other than Hello. I took the opportunity to test the Yoast SEO plugin based on your comment above. I got nothing, it works fine.

    I would guess that you have a secondary conflict, for example Yoast and ABC123 loaded and when both are active the advanced editor isn’t loading. I’m no programer but I would suggest setting up a subdomain on the same server, do a clean install and start adding your current plugins starting with Yoast. After each one is activated try to activate the advanced editor. That should lead you to the secondary conflict. I would then post to both Yoast and the other plugin’s forums explaining how you tested and what happened.

    There is also the possibility that something on the server is messing with your serenity but that testing is beyond me.



    I had a feeling you guys were on top of it. Thank you! You rock and Enfold is the best theme I have found yet! Not that I am even looking anymore…


    The traffic light of YOAST Isn’t working anymore :'(


    Jeroen0517 – you realize this is a Yoast issue not an Kriesi issue right? I just tested the traffic light and you are correct, its not working but that is the case if I use the 2015 theme as well.


    I’m sorry, I thought it was a Kriesi issue. But thank you that you tested it. Now I know that I’m not the only one.


    You’re welcome. I have a skeleton site up to workout layout issues so its prime for testing things like that. The only active plugin at the moment is Yoast so it narrows things down dramatically. ;-)



    I will lock the thread, please consider making a new one, for any other issue.

    Thanks a lot


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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