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    Hey Kriesi,

    Summary: On single blog page breadcrumbs is now working fine, but this solution gives me limitations for the blogpage(grid view) which I set-up in the settings (WordPress > reading + Enfold settings > basic settings).

    It’s a bit of a long story, so here is the explanation:
    I put this [av_breadcrumbs] somewhere in my Single Blog page layout. Breadcrumbs where not working my way for single blog page > there was a category name in the breadcrumb.
    This is what I get: “You are here: Home / Parent-page / Child-page_blog-overview / Category-name / post-name”
    This is what I want: “You are here: Home / Parent-page / Child-page_blog-overview / post-name”
    I solved this by a somewhat sloppy way in CSS: div.blog_breadcrumbs span:nth-child(8),div.blog_breadcrumbs span:nth-child(9) {display: none;} where 8 = Category-name, and 9 = / (behind Category-name). Now I have the same as my permalink settings, see image below

    So good so far. However unfortunate it is, but this was all because of the following settings(see also image below) in WordPress Settings > Reading:
    Static homepage = set to my current homepage, Blogpage = set to my current blogpage.
    And these settings in Enfold setting > Basic options: Frontpage = select page (NOT set), Blogpage = NOT set.

    Everthing worked until I wanted to edit and style my Blog overview page. Enfold settings > Blog layout: Blog styling = Modern business. Blog layout = Setting up own blog layout throught advanced layout builder.

    When I change Blog layout to advanced own styling, my breadcrumb on the single post gets broken. When I turn it to “raster layout” the breadcrumbs are working again on single blog page, but that’s not how I want to style the Blog overview page.

    Also changing the settings of my Front page an Blog page in WordPress settings + Enfold settings gives me all kind of breadcrumbs which are not what I want. When I change these settings, of cource my Blog overview page is also changing and therefore I cannot edit and style this page properly on my preffered advanced way. When I want to make my custom Lyaout for my Blog overview page, I have to dissable the Static Blog page in the WordPress settings, en then I am back at the beginning, my breadcrumbs aren’t working anymore.

    The basic question: How do these 4 settings in WordPress settings and Enfold Settings(Front page + Blog page ) stand in relationship with av_breadcrumbs?

    Question 2: What is the best way to get “advanced blog layout” working and that the breadcrumbs on the Single Blog page are still how I want it?

    To make it more understandable;), I made my own customization: I use one POST as a Template Header for all my other blog posts. This means that in this way I could make my own header and 2 sidebars at the same time for all blog pages.


    Hey infoNewMultimedia,

    You might want to use some kind of plugin for the breadcrumbs to have more flexibility or write your own custom breadcrumb function to display just what you need.

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,

    You give a possible solution to my question but no answer to the first question. I am still wondering how these 4 settings in WordPress settings and Enfold Settings(Front page + Blog page ) stand in relationship with av_breadcrumbs? Can you explain that to me and maybe also for other people here?

    About your solution, can you help me in the direction of making my own custom breadcrumb function or where to start?

    Kind regards,



    Unfortunately, it would require quite some time and customization of the theme to achieve this, so I am sorry to tell you that this is not covered by our support. However, if it’s really important for you to get this done, you can always hire a freelancer to do the job for you :)

    Best regards,


    Hi Basilis,

    Thank you for your time and effort for answering me.

    Sorry to say, but can anyone still answer to my first question then?
    “How do these 4 settings in WordPress settings and Enfold Settings(Front page + Blog page ) stand in relationship with av_breadcrumbs?”

    Best regards,



    The code for the breadcrumb can be found in enfold\framework\php\class-breadcrumb.php. Basically the WordPress Settings > Reading settings are used for the breadcrumb (line 209+). The theme settings may overwrite the selected front page template, see enfold\includes\helper-template-logic.php (line 11+) but afaik this doesn’t affect the breadcrumb.

    Best regards,

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