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    Hi, I have seen you previously recommended the plugin by Yoast for handling one’s SEO.

    Does your theme conflict in some way with this plugin? I’m asking because I’ve written a SEO title and Meta description for the start page –
    but it seems that only the SEO title is correct when searching for our site on any engine. The Meta description is supposed to say “Hård träning och mjuk stämning” (Tough workouts but with soft atmosphere) but the description is instead showing the first text content that’s on the start page.

    I of course checked Yoast’s support first, but he said if it’s not working, it’s due to the theme writing over something.


    Hi wieslander!

    Thank you for using the theme!

    Edit the actual frontpage then look for the Yoast metabox, edit the SEO title and meta description there. I checked the page and the meta description is correct:

    <meta name="description" content="Hård träning och mjuk stämning.">



    That’s something I did long about a month ago, sorry if I was unclear when asking for support. I’ll attach what the Yoast preview snippet says, compared to what the live search results on Google shows. As you can see, the title is correct, but not the description.
    compared to

    But you’re saying that the meta description shows up in the source code? Then why wouldn’t it show up in search results? I apologise if I ask too much that’s not due to your theme, I just don’t understand where to start solving this…



    Thank you for the info.

    The actual meta description that you place on the field will usually only show when it contains the keyword the searcher was searching for. If the searcher doesn’t type in any word that belongs to the meta description that you applied on a certain page, google will use the content of the page then place it as the description.



    Mhm, I see. Thank you for explaining and I’m sorry I got you working for something that wasn’t caused by your theme.



    No problem ;)

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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