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    Hi Kriesi

    I just moved my site over the Enfold and when I have WordPress SEO activated I find that my homepage cannot load and an error message displays saying there are too many redirects appears.

    The problem is only related to my homepage, the other pages will load fine.

    I’m wondering if there is something missing or a piece of code I have in my SEO setup that is causing this?

    Would anyone have a solution to this that wouldn’t involve re-installing the plugin. Would that even be a solution?



    I have the same problem with my homepage not editable and I thought I share my experience with you.
    I followed what Yigit suggested and one by one I deactivated the 6 plugins which I mostly purchase from codecanyon and are of good reputation and high reviews.
    I found out that when I at last deactivated WordPress SEO by Yoast ( the latest upgrade as of today) all my pages re-appreared and the AVIA layout builder is working with my homepage.
    Then I activated the SEO once more to confirm this, and more than half of my pages are gone! And I could not use the Quick Edit Mode and the homepage could not be edited and the AVIA LB has disappeared.
    I do not expect you to have an answer for this SEO behavior. As Yoast SEO has a high reputation and review. So I will leave it as is.
    My problem is solved and I just need to find another solution for SEO.



    What version of WordPress Enfold and WordPress SEO do you have installed right now that things are breaking?



    I have the latest of each. I tried uninstalling WordPress SEO and reinstalling and it yielded the same effect.

    I’m using a different SEO plugin now and it seems to be working fine so thats ok

    Do you have any idea what the problem might be? Its only the homepage that wouldn’t load, every other page was fine




    Tbh I don’t know what causes the issue in your case. It must be something with the server or wordpress configuration because I can’t reproduce the issue on my test and production servers and the vast majority of our theme users use Yoast SEO without any problems. You can try to set up a clean wordpress installation (no other plugin, clean database, etc.) and then install Yoast SEO with Enfold and check if both work together. You can also try to find a solution with google – the search term “WordPress SEO redirect loop” returned some useful articles.

    Best regards,


    As dude said, and just to confirm, I am one of the happy users using (Awesome) Enfold and Yoast SEO together – I had no issues like you mentioned at all – did you try another, perhaps Twenty fourteen, theme with Yoast SEO as well



    Thanks for the comment :)

    Best regards,


    I also have this problem and it’s only on the website I am using enfold. Is very weird. Any solution or an alternative SEO plugin that is as good as Yoast?

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