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    HI – Can you please help?

    I have downloaded the dummy content etc to start working on which comes with the existing slides, but when I try to edit them it just wants to put up my images from the library – and I don’t have any ones ready yet.

    Is there a way to edit the existing sliders – like the text that appears on them as I cant find this anywhere?

    I cant find any support on how to create or edit existing ones?

    How do I get nice images like the ones making up your sliders? Ie shaped properly etc?
    Has the theme downloaded the images you use in your demo online version – as I can’t find these


    Hi generatrorassociates!

    There are some images available in the demo sliders but not all of them as Kriesi doesn’t have re-release rights on them all.

    There is built in documentation with LayerSlider from within the LayerSlider options. Go to the top right corner of any area within the plugins pages (edit slides, all slides etc) and click on Help.

    The only thing that isn’t clearly explained is that the LayerSlider shortcodes are disabled within Enfold. So you’ll need to use the Advanced Layout Builder to add in LayerSlider Slideshows to your pages.



    Hi Devlin,

    Where would the images be saved as I can’t find them?

    Can you advise how the logo Enfold is created so that it is only text and you can see the background through it please?



    If you imported the dummy data then all images would be in the WordPress media manager (Media from the WordPress admin).

    The basic workflow would look something like this:

    The logo would be made using an image editing program and saving the text on a transparent background in either .PNG format or .GIF format which both support transparency.


    Hi Again.

    Thanks for this.

    I am not sure if all the dummy data has been downloaded properly then. As if I search for their names the gallery finds none.

    How many sliders should there be – on the online demo there were 5 or 6 I think – but I am only getting two?



    There are only 2 in the dummy data. If the images didn’t upload there could have been an issue with the permissions on the initial upload or just in importing the images.

    You can re-add them in yourself by opening the theme folder you downloaded from themeforest and then inside open config-layerslider>LayerSlider>sampleslider . You can then add them in to the slides as needed. It doesn’t give you the already created slides but it does give you access to the images.

    I believe the only way to re-add in the slides would be to re-import in the dummy data but that would re-set any theme options you’ve already modified.



    Many thanks for this – right now messing around with illustrator etc to try and get some decent images.

    On a different topic – I am getting lost as to how to edit the images that are displayed in the three large boxes under single portfolio 2/3 slider – which goes across the page in 3 colums on the template home page – when I click edit it just allows you to change how many display etc. How to I change the actual images?

    Thank you!



    In WordPress dashboard, please go to Portfolio Items > Portfolio Items to see all your portfolio items. There you can click “Edit” on the one that you would like to edit.
    Please take a look at new Enfold documentation here


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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