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    Hi Team,

    We needed to update both our contact page and a pricing table and when we tried to update the Contact using Advanced Editor it gave us this message:

    When we clicked try again it deleted everything we had changed. The page eventually allowed us to save after trying several times.

    Then when we tried to do the same for a pricing table, we deleted everything in the default editor and used the advanced layout editor to create a new table. When we tried to update again, it gave us the same message.

    Here is the pricing page we are trying to update:

    Here is the contact page we were finally able to update:

    (If it makes any difference we just switched from Replete to Enfold 1.5.1)

    Thanks in Advance




    * to add to the above comment Nicolas was updating price table and i was updating contact page that has images inside the icon box and we both tried to update after we were complete with editing as we usually do without problems and we got the error above.

    * since then Nicolas is working on another price table and i am working on team page that also has images inside the icon box (meaning we are doing the same thing as the first post) but this time we keep updating page constantly after each change and we did not have any problems so far

    So not sure if that was an isolated case or a temporary glitch. It might also occur if lots of changes are done which will prevent it from updating. Also note we do keep saving what we are adjusting as a draft, but ideally we would like to update the page and make it publicly available only after it’s completely done, so that a draft process is not public till we are ready. We’ll keep monitoring for now.

    PS. we are both using Chrome





    That message shows up when a nonce check fails. If you have jetpack installed , then its the cause of it. There are a couple of plugins that for whatever reason cause this problem.

    There is a block of code you can add to disable this issue though I am not sure if it still working. Please look here.




    Ah Yes it seems like that would be the problem from what I understand. Thank you very much Nick. “Resolved”



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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