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    I have a wordpress hosted on a Debian 7 server with nginx. Yesterday I’ve upgraded from PHP5.4 to PHP5.5 and it crashes all wordpress websites hosted. Other website using PHP works great but not wordpress.

    I’ve tried to set define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); but no errors are shown.

    I’ve also tried <?php phpinfo(); ?> but still a blank page.


    Hi Demaup!

    Which version of WordPress and Enfold are you using?
    Also, please note that we support Enfold. We do not mind taking a quick look but for WordPress related issues, WordPress forums would be more appropriate to post your question :)



    Hi Yigit!

    WordPress version : 4.3.1 and the last version of Enfold.

    I just asked on a WordPress forum my question.

    Cheers ;)




    Could you link to that thread as well please? I’m no expert on the subject so I can’t really give you any further advise unfortunately.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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