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    It looks like the animations stop working on columns after the latest update – I had to take them off of all of my elements that used them.


    Also, the headline rotator stopped working.

    Edit: Fix for the problem is here: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/wordpress-4-5/#post-612181


    Masonry STOPPED WORKING too…


    I think it has to do to the updated libraries in the new version of WordPress – anything that animated in doesn’t seem to animate anymore.


    I can confirm this – Masonry, background layering animations all STOPPED COMPLETELY also.

    URGENT UPDATE please Enfold chaps :-)


    I have got the same problem. Nothing works anymore….. *grrrrrrr*


    Maybe a drop of QUICK CSS in the meantime..?


    WordPress 4.5 broke the enfold theme. Looks like Kriesi never tested it with 4.5 in the last months. Pages with color sections are completely blank. Not what I expect from a premium theme…


    Please Homepage design and some content not working after WordPress 4.5 update:

    JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.0
    Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .main_menu .menu li

    Need Help

    Thanks in advance



    Full Screen Slider not working either.


    I’m seeing the same problem here:


    • Height of color sections are wrong on home page.
    • Special Headings are missing
    • Animation is broken in color section
    • Masonry is broken everywhere.


    Same problems on 2 sites


    Same issue here. Lots of stuff broken.

    Edit: Works now, thanks for the update guys!


    If you have a backup, restore to previous WP version (or download it online) and await Kriesi’s update, which I’m sure will be quite quick!
    These things happen from time to time.
    I’ve just done this for my own websites.

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    It’s not like WP 4.5 just suddenly appeared out of nowhere…


    Stevo, Can you point to a step-by-step for that?




    The problem in that case was that after updating my local installation to 4.5 the javascript libraries where loaded from cache and therefore I didn’t catch the problem. Sorry for the that, entirely our fault that we didn’t check more thoroughly here.

    Good news is: Its actually a minor problem with some of the javascript expressions in the file enfold/js/avia.js and a fix was already uploaded to themeforest. we are just waiting for approval by themeforest right now.

    Meanwhile you can apply the fix yourself in case its urgent and you don’t want to downgrade to wp 4.4.
    Just replace the content of the file enfold/js/avia.js with the content posted here: https://gist.github.com/Kriesi/99a2a977b93c0f1bced99f093c82c7ba



    Cool, thank you.



    It works – THX !


    All good here. Thanks 1M!



    Yay, Works! Thanks heaps!


    Not entirely sorted yet: http://ellenwade.com/gallery-press-archive/
    this website has been reverted to previous WP, as – EVEN AFTER AVIA UPDATE – the Masonry galleries were not appearing.

    stevo :-)


    Hey @stevo !

    Did you clear the browser cache after updating? I am afraid with the new fixes in place I cant reproduce the issue and the masonry is working fine for me…



    This is also a problem for choices as well.


    Hi Kriesi,

    Browser cache cleared – still an issue: http://ellenwade.com/gallery-press-archive/

    stevo :-)



    also parallax, icon list and Full Screen Slider not working after the avia.js upgrade and clear cache



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    Hi @kriesi,

    Another page example, where ALL content is missing from view: http://ellenwade.com/then-and-now/

    Thanks again


    Thanks for that updated avia.js, Kriesi! I just applied it, and I noticed that the Google Maps media element doesn’t seem to display right. I wanted to let you know in case that was a problem you hadn’t already encountered.

    Thank you for your support. I am a huge fan of your theme. I’ve licensed it about 3 dozen times.

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    @Stevo does not seem that the changes we added are applied to the file. there should be no instance of


    when I search the file, yet in your file there are still 3 of those. I would recommend to try to replace the files again or update to the 3.5.2 version already available on themeforest.

    all of those elements are working fine for me. please link to your installation and make sure that you have either applied the fixes correctly (as noted above, there should be no instance of the string href*=# in the avia.js file) or use the latest themeforest file set.

    mind posting me a link with a more detailed description on whats the issue? Seems to work fine for me as well :)

    Best regards,


    Themeforest released the update since I posted that. When I updated to Enfold 3.5.2, the problem was resolved. Thank you!


    @Kriesi – thank you :-)

    Applied Enfold update and all working 100%
    Will let you know if anything else occurs.

    FAST & HELPFUL as always – brilliant service!

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