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    Dear support,
    I’m using Woocommerce with Enfold for my site, when I click the ‘add to cart’ button on my products page, it reloads the page, and add the item to cart, but never shows a pop-up with the message ‘added to cart’ or ‘product added to cart’, but it should appear.
    Can you help me with this issue?



    Hey GorillaBeats,
    Thanks for the link to your site, the product that I checked on your site was created with the Advanced Layout Builder and doesn’t use the default woocommerce product layout, so in this case the woocommerce added to cart message will not show. Unfortunately it is not an feature with a product created by the Advanced Layout Builder.
    If you wish you can use the default woocommerce product layout instead.

    Best regards,


    So I just should use the standard editor instead of the advanced editor to build a product page?


    Yes that is correct.

    Best regards,


    I am having a similar issue. When I am on a single product page and add the first product to the cart, the icon flashes “1” but then it is gone and it says “No product in the cart” even though there is one. If I go to a new page, it will show the 1 product. If I reload the page, it says it has to resend and it adds a second quantity to the first item in the cart but still does not show a product in the cart.

    Once I add a second item to the cart it seems to fix itself, it shows any new products added immediately.

    I am not using ALB for the product page and I do not have any customizations to woocommerce.

    When I am on a product category page and click “add to cart” it does show the first item in the cart icon count immediately.

    When I am on the cart page and remove all the items from the cart, the cart icon still has the count that loaded on the page originally, even though there are no products left in the cart.



    Renita, thank you for your question, this is not something that I’m experiencing on our demo so I would first recommend disabling all of your plugins, except woocommerce, but including any woocommerce addons, and then check again. If you still experience this then we will need to review your site specifically to see if we can identify the issue.
    Please open a new thread with your admin login in the Private Content area so we can assist, as this is not your thread posting your admin login here will not be private and you will not see our comments in the Private Content area.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding and for using Enfold.

    Best regards,

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