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    How to insert variable product in landing page without “Additional information” and “Description”? (screenshot of result)


    Hey Bearded!

    You’ll need to build that yourself using our layout elements such as columns, gallery, image, heading, etc etc. For the actual product variation and add to cart button you can find that in the “Plugin Additions” tab in the layout builder.



    If I understand correctly, you are offering to customize all the parameters of the page on the product page.
    The fact is that I need an image that will change when you select a combination of characteristics of the goods ( The template switched in “debug mode” which allows insert a short code into the page, but if you insert recommended WOOCOMMERCE short code [product_page id = “99”], the items displayed on the page with an error. How to do it via short codes?
    Or how adjust the product page as a “Home” page and how to insert a picture that will change when you select the characteristics of the goods?



    We do not have a shortcode for that yet and I do not think Woocommerce does either,

    You will need to use the default template when editing the product to get the image switching to work when selecting a variation.

    You could create a feature request here,, and if it gets enough interest then we may see something get added in a future update.

    Best regards,

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