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    I have created a few categories with quite some subcategories in woocommerce. So something like the categories shoes, with subcategories like sneakers, pumps, boots etc etc. Each subcategory contains quite a lot of actual products.

    When i navigate to a category with the subs, the subs of course show up, but i would like to change the styling, or better phrased, i would like to get the styling of the subcategories more in line with the way the products are shown.

    Now to my problem.

    Each change i make to the styling of the subcategories also reflects in the display of the products on the actual subcategory page. So when i put a border around the image of the subcategories, the same border also appears on the display of the products of said subcategory.

    As a example (but i have tried this on all elements):

    ul.products li a img {

    border: 1px solid;}

    this gives the desired border around the images of the subcategories, but also an undesired border around the actual products.

    I can’t seem to find unique classes for the styling of the images of the subcategoriespage, so hopefully you can point them out to me.

    If there are none, could you please point me in the right direction to add some classes to the subcategory display of woocommerce?



    Hi TIA,

    You could target them by name but as far as I know there isn’t any class for the sub categories specifically. Eg the body class gets:

    archive tax-product_cat term-braais-ovens term-114 stretched open_sans woocommerce woocommerce-page

    on this page:

    Which isn’t a sub category but the same should hold true for all of them. So you could do #top.archive.term-braais-ovens ul.products li a img but it would need to be done for each category you want it to take effect on (braais-ovens being the category for that page).



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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