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    I’ve created a page, and have set it up to be the main “store” page for Woo:

    When I go into that page, I want to select the layout options that turn the header and sidebar off. It lets me do that, but they still show up. I’m assuming this is how Woo is handling pages.

    I’ll be setting up all the other pages (cart, order, thank you, etc) and am assuming I may run into the same issue.

    Where/what can I alter to fix this?



    Hi stonerome,

    The WooCommerce page designation actually ignores all page settings. So you would need to use the WooCommerce hooks and filters to customize the page or create templates for it to use.





    Thanks Devin,

    Does it pull from the default page template then? Because actually we don’t want the breadcrumb info, or the sidebar on any pages, so we could just strip it out of the template all together if that’s what Woo is using. Thoughts?



    You can add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS to hide those elements.

    .breadcrumb.breadcrumbs.avia-breadcrumbs {
    display: none;

    .single-product .sidebar.sidebar_sidebar_right.three.alpha.units {
    display: none !important;




    Thanks Ismael- thanks for the css, we’re getting closer but:

    On our “main” store page, we’re still seeing the sidebar. Also- rather than just the breadcrumbs, we really want that entire black bar to be gone (that has the page title, and also had the breadcrumbs).

    That black bar and page title is still showing on the individual product pages too.

    Thanks for the help!



    You can add following code to Quick CSS to remove that black bar

    .alternate_color { display: none; }




    Hi Yigit, thanks- that got the black bar – just not sure how to kill off the sidebar on this page:


    Follow the guide here in creating your own template for the woocommerce main shop page:

    Use the themes page.php as a model except hard code in the grid size and remove the sidebar.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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