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    First of all, Congratulations to the whole team on 4.8! I have been so looking forward to digging into custom elements, but just have not had the chance yet. Soon, I promise!

    But, before I get to play, I have to figure this out…

    We don’t do a lot of WooCommerce, and the stuff we have done, is really basic. I figured what I was trying to do would be relatively easy, as I had seen the options in the Avia elements in the past.

    I wanted to have a home page that included a single product that has options (via WooCommerce), allow me to add straight to cart, without going through the product details page. I see elements greyed out for what I think I need, but cannot figure out how to enable them or get that single product, without resorting to a manual display. I have to believe there is a better way to accomplish this.



    Hey Jason,
    Sorry for the very late reply, in my experience the variable straight to cart product links that I have seen on sites seem to have been created with premium plugins, but there are other options, for example, this article offers code snippets for regular straight to cart product links. For variable products which I believe you are asking for this article offers a direct linking for Variable Product to Cart which could be applied to a button or image on your homepage, still not exactly what you are looking for, but it an option.
    For plugins, this one seems to offer the option, but I have not tested, the key point to this plugin is: it adds the First variation of the variable product in the cart, so it could work for you.
    Direct Checkout for WooCommerce seems to be the most popular in the WordPress library.
    I tried to find the premium plugin that as I recalled, had a variable option on load and then linked directly to the cart, but I didn’t find it, it might be on

    Best regards,

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