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    After some research I’ve found out that Enfold doesn’t work too well with Enfold, because it interferes with the Advanced Page Builder. My problem is I bought a plugin called “WooCommerce Show Single Variations” to show different variations of a product, like different colors of one t-shirt on the homepage as seperate products.

    It works fine in the default WooCommerce shop page, but it doesn’t work when I use the Product Grid in the Page Builder. I’ve asked the plugin author for a possible fix, and he replied:

    “Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear you are having trouble there!

    WooCommerce Show Single Variations uses “woocommerce_product_query”, “woocommerce_shortcode_products_query”, and “woocommerce_layered_nav_query_post_ids” hook to add the variations to the query. It seems that Enfold Advanced Page Builder uses a custom query to add the products, so WooCommerce Show Single Variations can’t add the variations to the query. Could you please ask the theme author if they can add the query using WooCommerce standard query instead?”

    I’ve tried the second solution mentioned here with no succes: http://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/custom-woocommerce-shop-overview/

    How can I get this plugin to work within the Product Grid + Page Builder?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hey ericsmilde,

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    I’m sorry but this will require modifications that are outside the scope of support. The product template is located in the config-templatebuilder > avia-shortcodes > productslider.php file. And if it helps, you can adjust the product grid query by using the “avia_product_slide_query” filter. These guys may be able to help: http://kriesi.at/contact/customization

    Best regards,


    HI ericsmilde!
    I am wondering if you were able to find the solution as I also have the same problem…. Please let me know…



    Please contact codeable for immediate results: http://kriesi.at/contact/customization


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