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    Possibly a bug here… using Enfold pretty much out of the box, as a child theme with no changes at all to any CSS yet. And the Woo Shopping Cart widget will not display without looking pretty broken (happens in 3 different browsers). Screenshot appended.

    The buttons in the WooCommerce shopping cart widget don’t clear each other, so they only display (somewhat) acceptably at very large browser window widths. And the second button (checkout) also gets clipped by the sidebar layout, so only a portion of it displays. So at many widths they look completely broken. I tried using variations of “display: block” and “clear:both” in some trial adjustments to the child theme’s style.css file to fix this. But both buttons are < a > elements within a single < p > element and my own efforts did not fix the problem.

    This is kind of a killer for an online store. Is this issue normal for the Woo cart widget with Enfold, or do I have some strange bug? I.e. are tricky CSS fixes needed out of the box to make this widget display cleanly? If they are, happen to know what to do?! ;)


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    Hey Chris!

    Can we see the site and page with the widget live so we can inspect the css?


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    You can use this css code to extend the button width to 100% and to align the buttons vertically:

        #top div .widget_shopping_cart .button {
            width: 100%;
            display: block;

    Some German users, etc. use this code because the translation of “View cart”, etc. requires more space.



    Thank you, that works well. Great support here.

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