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    check here please : – you see that image heights are not the same like in your demo

    (i’ ve selected crop in woocommerce settings & regenerated thumbs just in case… but with no luck…)

    how can i fix that ?



    Hi tasoskouk

    Your images should all be larger than 450×450 pixels for them to be cropped at the same height. For example, this image: is 391x530px. So when it gets cropped down to 450×450 it only crops the one edge because the other is already smaller than that size.

    Then in the column view the images get scaled down to fit the column number but the width is smaller than the others so it actually uses more height to get the image to fill that whole width.

    What I usually recommend is that you put all of your product images on a white background in an image editor and position them in the center. Then save all of your images at the same large size so that you are always working with the same size canvas and wordpress can manipulate the thumbnails as needed but it will all always be the same.

    If not that way then just for the images that are non-standard like the mixer.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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