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    Hi super support! Is it possible to have both the plugin addition ‘product list’ and the widget ‘WooCommerce Layered Nav’?

    If I select a store base page using WooCommerce I get the traditional looking layout, but layered nav is working.
    If I instead select a empty page and build a shop using Avia layout builder, I can use the very cool ‘product list’ but the layered navigation does not show up at all.

    – Is there a way I can have both?


    Hey wieslander!

    Have you tried adding the widget using Widget Area element in Advanced Layout Builder?
    You can enable debugging mode to see shortcodes you have created in pages using Advanced Layout Builder –
    You can switch to Default Editor and click on Magic Wand to see full list of shortcodes
    then you can create any of them and copy/paste shortcode into any other content element or into text widget.



    Hi Yigit, and thank you so much for helping. I have enabled debugging mode and the shortcode for seems to be

    [av_three_fourth first]
    [av_productlist columns='1' items='9' offset='0' sort='0' paginate='yes' link_behavior='' show_images='yes']
    [av_sidebar widget_area='Shop Overview Page']

    And still it doesn’t show the Layered Navigation (which it does using the product grid).
    – Do you think you can help me figure out how to set it correctly?


    And sorry, Yes, I have used the Widget Area element to add the widgets.

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    I’m sorry but the widget will only work for WooCommerce pages. Please create a ticket on the WooCommerce support forum or hire a freelance developer to configure the widget.



    That’s alright. Thank you for explaning!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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