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    Our page uses Enfold with Woocommerce.
    In the product gird, if you click “Show Details” it adds /” ><span aria-hidden= to the link and leads to a 404 page.
    But if you click on the image or other part of the product, it leads you to the correct detail page.

    We have tried re-installing woocommerce and have updated to the latest version of Enfold 2.6
    We still have the same issue.

    We even have a test site set up where it works properly. But that site was a fresh install of WordPress, Enfold, and Woocommerce.

    Does anyone know what causes this?
    How can we fix this?
    Could this be an issue with another plugin?



    I figured it out. There is a conflict with Yoast’s (Joost de Valk’s) Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. When I deactivate it, the “Show Detail” link works. When it is active, I get that error.

    Thanks. Hopefully this conflict can be resolved or this topic can help someone else.



    Thank you for posting what fixed it for you. There shouldn’t be any conflict with Yoast’s plugins so I’ll see if we can get that looked at.

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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