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    Hello Kriesi Team

    We are having a couple of problems which we just noticed today

    1—WooCommerce Product Catalogue Image Size
    The image size on all newly uploaded photos is displaying square? For the life of it, I cannot see where I can choose or change that. In the customizer, the settings are still the same as before; cropped at 4:3 and 1200 and 600 (Screenshot —

    Live Page — (you can see all the square images are the newly uploaded ones. Also they are now all blurry. The original uploaded version isn’t)

    2—Enfold Product Page, Price not showing on Variable Product
    When we add a variable product, it won’t show the price on the product page. As soon as we switch it back to a ‘single product’ with no variations the price will show.

    Live Page, Product Page, Variable Product —
    Live Page, Product Page, Variable Product —
    Live Page, Product Page, Simple Product —

    Both these would have come up with the last update. We tested (but not the image upload) and we missed the product price not showing in variable products, as we only checked a few products and they must have all been products with no variants.

    Thanks so much for your help.
    I added logins below in case you need it.

    Kindest, Corina

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    Hey Corina!

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    1.) We haven’t found the actual cause of the issue but another user from a different thread provided a working solution. Please use the snippet temporarily to revert the product thumbnail size back to default.


    2.) We are not yet sure why the price is not displaying in the product price. Did you install a plugin for the color picker? Is the price displaying properly when the plugin is disabled?



    Hello Ismael

    Thanks heaps for pointing me in the direction of the fix for the WooCommerce Thumbnails. That worked.

    Now for Issue 2. on the price not displaying on variations, I think it might be a similar problem. I tested deactivating the Super Variation Swatch Plugin but that did not change anything… BUT what I noticed is similar to the Thumbnail Cropping Issue it is something that only happens on newly uploaded products… If you have a look here

    This is an old product (Super Variation Swatch Plugin turned off)

    pricing is showing perfectly

    Here is a newly uploaded product (Super Variation Swatch Plugin turned off)

    pricing not showing, even though it is defined in the variations in the backend?

    I tested this on the Development Server, which you can access via credentials listed on the initial post but also below.

    Thanks heaps.



    Thank you for the info.

    The variable products are working correctly on our installation, price of the variable products are displaying as expected. The only difference that we noticed is that the new products only have color swatches or variations, without other variations or dropdown. Is it working correctly when you add new products containing different variations other than colors?

    We tried logging in to the staging site using the credentials above but it seems to be invalid. Please check the login info carefully or provide another admin account.

    Best regards,


    Hello Ismael
    Apologies … I created the user before coping the website across but must have been after the full backup (facepalm).

    As suggested by you on the development site all plugins regarding variations are turned off.

    The prices are not showing on the actual product page… they are showing on the grid.
    Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 8.06.08 am

    This is a variable product we just added with price not showing

    Here is a variable product we added ages ago and it is showing

    updated details below.
    Thanks so much.



    Thank you for the update.

    We created a new product and created variations with different prices. The prices in this product are displaying correctly when selecting variations (see private field). Do you notice any difference between this new product and the other products?

    Temporarily, you can use Product Price element to display a range of price for the variable products.

    Best regards,

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