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    There have been reports in the past about a problem with WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator in combination with Enfold. With WMPC enabled you will receive the error message “Please match the requested format” if you try to put a product to the cart.

    The current solution was to dequeue woocommerce-mod.js from Enfold and to replace it with a custom one. I just ran into this issue on a customer project. The solution provided was not satisfying because it will remove the nice quantity selector. Therefore I did some research to why this happens with only a couple of themes like Enfold and to find a better solution.

    Finally I found the core reason to the problem and provided a solution to Skyverge (developers of WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator) for review. Skyverge has approved my fix for Enfold and officially posted a GIST.


    Hey Michael,

    Thank you for the contribution and thank you for sharing!

    Best regards,


    Perfect!!! After 1 month trying solving this issue, you did it!


    Hi mensmaximus,

    Thank you very much for your work and for sharing the solution, much appreciated!

    Best regards,

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