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    Hi Team,

    im using woocommerce plugins for building an ecommerce website for a client.
    Even though Enfold integration with woocommerce is quite amazing, client is requesting some few adjustments :
    -my account page : to have the login form AND the register form . the register form must be the same as the woocommerce one used during the checkout process.
    – during the checkout process havinf a order confirmation summary before placing the order, to avoid any mistake from the user, the client want him to review all the details of the order before purchase. right now there is no such order summary page. how ?

    thanks for your insights


    Hi Voilaah!

    1) You can activate the “registration form” on the WooCommerce option page (WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts > “Enable registration on the “My Account” page”

    2) No, but you can purchase a plugin called “German Market”: http://marketpress.com/product/woocommerce-german-market/?noredirect=en – it adds an order review page to your WooCommerce shop because the German/Austrian law forces the shop owner to show the customer a order review page before the order/data submission.



    Hi Dude,

    thanks for your quick reply :)
    1) work nice indeed, will try to integrate this more in my theme.
    2) wow sounds perfect then, will check this out

    another question is regarding the product page and his image gallery.
    my client would like this lightbox effect http://demo.themesandco.com/product/happy-ninja/
    instead of the actual on in Enfold.
    He particularly requires the thumbnail navigation in the lightbox

    How is it possible to tweak this in the Enfold theme please ?

    thanks Dude



    Replacing the lightbox script is not easily possible. You can download this child theme: http://www.mediafire.com/?05ho02ecut516hu if you want to replace prettyphoto with fancybox 2. I used it on my website to replace the lightbox script. You can also use this child theme as a starting point for the implementation of another third party lightbox script. If you want to use the default lightbox with a thumbnail navigation open up wp-content/themes/enfold/js/avia.js and replace:

    elements.prettyPhoto({ social_tools:'',slideshow: 5000, deeplinking: false, overlay_gallery:false, default_width: ww, default_height: wh });


    elements.prettyPhoto({ social_tools:'',slideshow: 5000, deeplinking: false, overlay_gallery:true, default_width: ww, default_height: wh });



    Thanks Peter,

    i tried the changes in the avia.js file but still no thumbnails gallery in the lightbox,
    probably a css issue ?

    i already use a child theme hence i will try to use the dequeuing process of prettyPhoto and enqueue fancyBox in my functions.php…we ‘ll see :)




    Maybe try to clear the browser cache. Afaik the “overlay_gallery” setting activates or deactivates the preview thumbnails and you don’t need to change anything else.




    nope i check the javascript that is loaded, and the new params are good – then i checked the css and there is a display:none !important in the enfold css that hide for ever this thumbnails gallery :)

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