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    Hello, website is at
    For instance you can use the front page sliders and see a couple broken images, they should be showing the fallback image but instead the image link location points to maintenance page? When you click the product, the product page properly has the fallback image.
    I don’t know exactly when this started but about 4-5 weeks ago this was not an issue.

    Please Help :(

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    Hey moonknight066,

    Can you give us temporary admin access to your website in the private content box below, so that we can have a closer look?

    Best regards,


    Here you go


    Hi moonknight066,

    Best regards,


    Thanks Victoria, yes but with this link set as the fallback image, the image is still showing as broken on the sliders and galleries. It only correctly displays on the Single Product page…

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    Hi moonknight066,

    Where did you set the fallback image?

    Best regards,




    I hope you can help on this, it is strange that the fallback was working in the sliders a few weeks ago but not anymore. I’m supposing they are set somewhere in a file that is not taking the new configuration.. no idea. I am a novice.

    The only changes were upgrading the godaddy server so the IP changed but that hasn’t affected anything else, and also we had to re-upload the entire media library, however we are setting a new fallback image and it is still not working. I am guessing it is hardcode somewhere looking for the old image that doesn’t exist.

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    Hi moonknight066,

    I am not sure why it does not pick that image anymore. You can, however, add the image to the product that is missing and it will show up.

    Best regards,


    Thank you victoria, but that is not an option. There will be many products without images over time and i’d hate for them to have to manually put the image in for products that don’t stream in with an image from their vendor feed.



    This is not an issue from our theme, so we cant clear state what the problem is, Viktoria has provided a simple solution.

    Best regards,

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