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    I have a problem with the custom code from your theme as it conflicts with a common plugin for ticket sales: Events Tickets Plus.

    Enfold adds two buttons to change the quantity of a product. But if I have additional data for a ticket/product, it does not work accordingly. I could not yet make out what is exactly causing this, but maybe you could reproduce this and create a fix in your theme.

    Please find an animation attached to be not confused about what the problem is! The second ticket-meta form is not shown after I click on “plus”. Only when I click again (for the last available ticket) but then it is added as “Teilnehmer 2” but actually should be the third added form. I guess it conflicts with the javascript of the plugin that creates the additional meta form elements (plugins/event-ticket-plus/src/resources/js/meta.min.js) and your woocommerce-mod.js

    Both create functions to listen for the change event of the quantity field.

    Thanks for your investigation. (I really hope for some support and not blame it on each other, so I have to return either the plugin or the theme)

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    Hey kmindi,

    I am afraid you’ll need to contact the plugin author for more info about the issue. Making third-party plugins compatible with the theme is unfortunately beyond the support scope we offer. Sorry for that!

    Best regards,


    Sure, I already did that and I am looking forward to their answer.

    Yet it is weird, that you developed that customization for woocommerce and don’t want to support it further. Is there a way to disable the complete woocommerce customizations with a hook or something including the template overrides?



    That can work only for the Image gallery, we do support the native functionality also.
    You COULD disable everything, but it would require a lot of work to get it shorted out.

    Best regards,


    I assume you are answering something other than my question. Can you read it again? It has nothing to do with the gallery or similar, thank you.



    What I meant is that we load native Woo files for the Gallery only, sorry if that was not clear.
    There rest of the reply – that it would require a lot of work to restore, exists.

    Best regards,


    Modifications from “config-events-calendar” are still present!

    Anyway I tracked down the problem:

    Enfold renders the a single event with its own template offered in “wp-content/themes/enfold/config-events-calendar/views/single-event.php”. There it renders the meta information two times! (TWO TIMES, important in a moment). It creates a “av-single-event-meta-bar-mobile” and a “av-single-event-meta-bar-desktop”. The bar-mobile is hidden on desktop devices and the desktop bar on mobile devices. Despite being hidden, the meta divs are created at two locations. (Careful by following the recommendations to add your own “single-event.php”, enfold hooks into the selection process of theme files, forcing the usage of theirs at config-events-calendar/config.php:34 !)

    Now the script from events tickets plus “wp-content/plugins/event-tickets-plus/src/resources/js/meta.js” (take note: the minified version “meta.min.js” is used, and has to be altered if you want to fix it yourself instead of the non minified verbose version), that is responsible to create the form divs for the additional meta data, calculates the amount of meta divs to add based on the existing divs. BUT that code uses a DOM CLASS selector to find the amount of already appended meta divs. Therefore the current behavior is wrong with enfold! Because the following happens:

    – Having 0 products/items selected, does not render addiitonal attendee-meta-divs
    – Changing to 1, renders 1 additional attendee-meta-div, but really appends 1 div in BOTH bars (desktop/mobile). leading to TWO/2 new divs.
    – Changing to 2, renders NO additional attendee-meta-div, because the var current_count = $fields.find( '.tribe-event-tickets-plus-meta-attendee' ).length; gives already “2”.
    – Changing to 3, renders 1 additional attendee-meta-div, because there are already two (one in each bar), but really appends 1 div in BOTH bars (desktop/mobile). leading to FOUR/4 new divs.
    – And so on!

    I assume the code from enfold from “single-event.php” has to be changed to include only one “bar”.Possible fix:

    This can be applied in a child theme under “tribe-events/single-event.php” but still requires to alter the main theme in “enfold/config-events-calendar/config.php:34:

    Change the line

    		$redirect = array('default-template.php' , single-event.php' , 'pro/map.php' );


    		$redirect = array('default-template.php' , /*'single-event.php' ,*/ 'pro/map.php' );
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    I have reported it to our developers and – they will be updating the things.
    We appreciate for your findings!

    Best regards,

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