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    1. WooCommerce gives me the option to change the Shop Page to any desired page that I want/set. However, this is the message I get on my Custom Page whenever switching away from their Shop Page “This page is set as the default WooCommerce Shop Overview and therefore does not support the Enfold advanced layout editor”. Being that it is a compatibility issue, I wanted to contact you all. Reason for this is because, whenever I set the shop Page to a custom page I have created, it breaks the width of the page (Image A). Here is another screenshot of an unrelated page so that you get an idea of the layout (Image B)

    – I have my theme set up using the main menu placed in a sidebar.

    – I believe if I have this particular issue fixed, then it could correct/resolve the following question/issue. However, that is just an assumption that these two issues are related.

    2. I have created tags with my WooCommerce products (Image C). I have created a page using the Masonry Stretch fullwidth and the user can sort through the products since I selected the “Product Tag Entry” selection. However, whenever the user clicks on the tags while on the product page it redirects them to a page full of other products that are similar, but the page layout is not what I created. The page it sends them to does not look similar the one I have created at all, it looks like the default WooCommerce Page.


    Hey Tflores87,

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    1.) The advance layout builder is disabled for the base Shop Page but you can enable it manually. Keep in mind that this feature is still in beta mode. Some of the default shop options may not work properly.

    2.) The tags will go to the default archive or tag page unless you found a way to redirect it to the custom tag page.

    Best regards,


    Thanks, Ismael!

    1. I enabled the beta mode and so far seems to be working.

    2. As for the tags, is this located in the meta.php by chance? I’d like to use their tags for my products as well if possible.



    2.) Could you please provide a link to the product page with the tag?





    I certainly can!

    Here is a product page that has tags (all of my products have tags, they just go to the default Woocommerce tag page as you already mentioned).


    I’ve changed the title of Tags to “Keywords”.


    This is my shop page :D


    Hi guys, any luck?



    the theme does not control product-tag pages. You need to ask WooCommerce support about it. Maybe there is a plugin with such a function out there.

    Best regards,


    Hi Andy, thanks for the response! I will look into WooCommerce. However, I think Ismael was looking into the issue and will wait for a response from him.


    Hi Ismael, were you able to locate anything?



    I’ve tagged him for this thread. Thanks for being patient.

    Best regards,


    No problem, I understand you guys are busy. Thanks Andy!



    Sorry for the delay.

    2.) Yes, the template for the tags is located in the meta.php file of the plugin’s template\single-product folder. It is using the default get_tags() function so you won’t be able to redirect the tags to the custom tag pages.



    Bummer! Thanks for letting me know, Ismael. I suppose if we chose the Beta Mode (in order to style the Shop page with the Enfold theme/setup), then that means some of the WooCommerce features are not compatible with this theme. Is there a projected date that the Beta Mode will be worked out so that these features/functionality might be compatible? At the moment, this means that I will not be able to use tags for my products.

    Thanks for your time with this Ismael, I do appreciate it.



    Yes, unfortunately, that is the case for now. Kriesi is working to improve this feature but it might take a while and there’s no ETA yet.

    There is a workaround but you need to install the following plugin. Go to the Settings > 301 Redirects panel, set the Request path (tag url) and the Destination path (the custom tag page).

    View post on

    Best regards,

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