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    My goal is to use Groups Woocommerce, Woocommerce Subscriptions extensions and the Woocommerce Stripe gateway together, but my checkout isn’t working. I’ve been having this issue for 2+ weeks and can’t find a solution. At first, after filling out billing info and clicking “pay” there was an “endless spinner” cursor, but now everything is just grey, and the order doesn’t complete.

    + I’ve upgraded all plugins, Enfold and WordPress. Checkout still doesn’t work.
    + I’ve disabled all plugins except woocommerce and it still doesn’t work.
    + I’ve spoke with woothemes support but, they’re slow and haven’t found a solution.

    Any ideas??
    I’m dying for a fix here. Appreciate any help. Thanks!


    Hey tannermcleod!

    Maybe, the checkout process is taking a lot of memory? Can you please give us a link to the website? I’m really not sure why it isn’t working. Let me ask Dude.




    Yes, sounds like the ajax api needs more memory. Try to increase the allocated memory to 128M:



    Hey Dude,
    I just upgraded it to 128 and no luck, no change.
    The latest error is:

    Any ideas?
    Could it be a permalink structure thing causing this?




    It seems like the ajax request fails because of an server error (500 – internal server error). This error is very generic and it doesn’t tell us what causes the issue. Maybe try to contact the host/server administrator and ask him for a detailed error log to find the culprit.



    Hey Dude,

    Our developer checked the error logs and nothing could give us an indication of the actual error. He just found generic 500 database error but that didn’t help.

    So we ran a bunch of woocommerce checkout tests (using the Stripe gateway extension) on two hosting platforms, bluehost and wp engine, and the results are here:

    Twentyfourteen, checkout in 14 secs on chrome
    Twentyfourteen, checkout in 30 seconds on safari
    Enfold, checkout in 11 secs on chrome
    Enfold, checkout in 12 secs on safari
    Dancedojo (Enfold child theme), checkout doesn’t complete on chrome
    Dancedojo (Enfold child theme), checkout doesn’t complete on safari

    Twentyfourteen, checkout in 6 sec on chrome
    Twentyfourteen, checkout in 5 sec on safari
    Enfold, checkout doesn’t complete on chrome
    Enfold, checkout doesn’t complete on safari
    Dancedojo (Enfold child theme) checkout doesn’t complete on chrome
    Dancedojo (Enfold child theme) checkout doesn’t complete on safari
    Twentytwelve, checkout 5 sec on chrome
    Twentytwelve, checkout 7 sec on safari

    It seems like there is a theme issue here. Do you have any ideas, suggestions? This is killing me!


    P.S. Are there any known issues with Enfold working alongside woocommerce subscriptions, woocomerce stripe gateway, or groups woocommerce? Because everything seems to be working with other themes.



    No issues that I know of. Have you talked to WP Engine to see if they can take a look? If the two setups are the same and its working on one but not the other (diregarding child theme for now) there could be something with how the managed hosting setup handles things server side.

    The theme doesn’t do anything to modify how WooCommerce handles the checkout or even the cart so it *shouldn’t* have any issues.

    Have you tried checking out with groups and/or subscriptions deactivated? Does your WooCommerce System Status show anything?



    Hi Devin,

    As I mentioned at the start of the thread, we’ve deactivated all plugins and it didn’t have an effect. WC system status is all good and green. And WP Engine support says they don’t review anything like this. I’m not sure digging into why Enfold isn’t working on WP engine is worth it because the hosting company doesn’t much matter, as long as the site and checkout works.

    If you were me, how would you go about troubleshooting this theme, or child theme, issue? It doesn’t seem to be a problem with Stripe because I couldn’t get Paypal to work either. I’m getting really desperate and would love any help you can offer.




    I suggest to check the troubleshooting guide here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -etc/ – I think the max_input_vars limit might cause the issue and you need to increase it.



    was this every resolved. this is now my third msg on this issue. all was working fine with enfold theme and woocommerce until last upgrade of both. I always tout both products as being excellent but I am becoming concerned about recommending enfold because I can get an answer. my max_input_vars is set at a 1000 and the amount of memory is 128mb. I have disabled all plugins before and it did not fix this issue. I need a response as my customer is a large nonprofit and getting upset.



    I checked your checkout page and it works fine for me. Could you elaborate please?



    I seem to have the same issue on my site, using Enfold, Woocommerce, WC Subscriptions and the Stripe payment gateway.

    @ lancebelew: What was the resolution to this issue?

    Juergen Update Dec 1 2015: For me the problem resulted from a javascript http vs https mixed content error. This prevented the rest of the checkout logic from executing: Details and solution are outlined in this post:

    My take-away: Anyone else experiencing this, check for javascript errors on the page.

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    glad you figured it out @juergenb

    Can you confirm that it’s working for you with Juergen’s solution as well @lancebelew?



    Hi, I am having a similar issue (with woo checkout and I use authorize, except when I hit “proceed to checkout” it takes me to a differant website ?? I have enfold theme. Paypal works fine. Thank you :)



    Please, as this thread is too old, may you create a new thread with your problem and credentials?

    Best regards,
    John Torvik

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