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    I am using the “catalog visibility” extension. After I updated the theme every page and post doesn’t show anymore. The page itslef is loading and the navigation as well, but when I click on any item I get the “Page not found” page. Please help me, I really need this extension to have my shop runing.


    Hi benzrecordings,

    Try disabling the extension then making sure things are working like normal. Then check WooThemes to see if there is an update to that extension and if so, install it.

    Now disable all other plugins except for woocommerce and then re-enable the catalog visibility extension. If it works, re-enable the other plugins one by one.

    If not, the best thing to do is contact WooCommerce support or the Catalog Visibility support if that is possible to see if they can take a look and give a good idea on what might be the conflict.




    Thank You! I will try.

    I have a specific question that is not supported by an extension. How can I hide specific Products to specific roles? Is there any hook, that I can put in my functions?

    thanks in advance!


    Hmm, I’ve not run across anything like that before. You could maybe do something like that by including a check in a duplicated template in your theme files but that is just a out of the air guess.





    Did you ever get the catalog visibility extension working again?… I am fixing to install it…




    Maybe you need to flush the permalinks after the installation of the “catalog visibility” extension. Go to Settings > Permalinks and hit the blue “Save” button.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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