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    Hi there,
    when i use the smartphone for product order the table layout ‘breaks’ in the cart overview/checkout process.
    the listing of price, amount and product doesnt seem to show up correctly as a table.
    in the container with cart total/etc. the values are cut on the right border – so that i cant see the values at all…

    of course using the quare view everything seems fine.
    i only see this happening in the cart overview. all the other overviews using less columns work just fine.

    any idea how to adjust/fix that?

    here some screenshots

    thanks in avance


    Hi Pedro,

    Can you post the link to this website please?



    yes, sure.
    please use f.e. the following product page:
    and add a product to the cart. while viewing the cart on a smartphone you should see what i ment.

    thanks for looking into that!
    my best regards


    Hey Pedro!

    Here’s a workaround, try adding this to the Quick CSS:

    tr.cart-subtotal th, tr.shipping th, .order-total th, tr.cart-subtotal td, tr.shipping td, .order-total td {
        display: block;




    Hey Josua,
    thanks for the hard work and for your time looking into this.
    this is a good workaround – however the part before the cart values (total, shipping costs, etc) – the part where the items are displayed are still broken. thats the part where the item, price and taxes (before cart) are displayed.
    as you see in my screenshot f.e. the ‘add more items button’ is inbetween the price, tax, quantity.

    weird thing is, that i have the impression, that the checkout page looks better – less breaking (or none at all)…
    i wonder if this might be caused by the long name of the item (unfortunately it puts out cathegory name, grouped item, item completely)…


    anyhow – i dont want you to spend too much precious time into this – since i am not sure if this is a theme or original woocommerce issue.
    what i mean – no priority.

    my best regards



    I changed the css code yesterday a bit and sent the patch to Kriesi. The table layout should improve with the next update.



    Thanks for that. Much apprechiated! Keep up the great work!!
    my best regards

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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