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    Problem 1)
    When I have the ‘Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives’ button checked off it shows that items are being added to the card but when I go to the cart nothing has actually been added.

    Problem 2) When I hover over the cart icon i should be able to see what is in the cart. instead I only see what looks like the top part of that field.

    I’ve tried disabling all plugins except woocommerce and the issues remain.
    I have the latest version of enfold (4.2.5)
    I made sure that none of my custom css is messing with it.

    I’ve researched this topic for 2 days and can’t seem to find a solid solution. There were a few threads where people seemed to have the same issue and then they said it was fixed but did not post a solution.

    Can someone please help me with this. I’ve used the shop feature on another with no issues.



    I checked it on my local installation and it does work fine.
    Also i was able to add product to cart. Attached a screenshot in private content field however i can reproduce the second issue. You seem to have redirect. Could you please try disabling that temporarily and deactivating all active plugins once again and check if that helps?

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    Sorry Yigit. I forgot to mention that i enabled the redirect after i got frustrated and couldnt figure out the Ajax. if you enable the ajax and disable the redirect you should see what i am talking about with the add to cart function.


    Hi hotspot01,

    Best regards,


    Not at all. It looks normal when I go to it.

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    Cant load the screenshogt please link again for us.

    Best regards,


    Ok. Try this link. Hopefully this works.

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    Hi hotspot01,

    Can you please enable AJAX add to chart so that we can test it?

    Best regards,


    I’ve just enabled AJAX. Hopefully someone is able to help. I will have to turn it back to the redirect mode in about 12 hours if I can’t figure it out since the site is live.


    Anybody have any suggestions??



    We re-enabled the “AJAX” option. It is working properly on our end. Please test it on another brower, computer or network. Screenshot:

    Best regards,


    That is soooo weird. I’m not sure what changed. I didn’t do anything. Thank you I guess. Haha.



    Let us know if there is something else we can help.

    Best regards,

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