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    since I’ve updated to the last versions of Enfold, Woocommerce & German Market, I’ve got still a few problems, that havent been there before:

    1. How can I disable the price function “from – to”, in products with variations. It’s supposed to appear one main “start price” only.

    2. It seems there is a space problem. Product rating overlaps the button shipping costs.

    3. How can I remove the last sentence (I guess from German Market). Hasnt been there in the past.

    Thank you very much!!



    Can you post the link to your website please?


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    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    .wgm-kleinunternehmerregelung {
        display: none;
    .entry-summary .woocommerce-product-rating {
        top: 1px;
        font-size: 0 !important;
    .price span.amount:nth-child(2) {
        display: none !important;
    .woocommerce_de_versandkosten {
        font-size: 14px !important;



    Hey Josue,

    thank you! I’ve added your code.

    To my 3. point: I would like to remove just that marked sentence on screenshot. With your code, that sentence will taken out everywhere.

    The other points working good so far. Just one point: As you can see on the shop page, there are still some products that show price with the – after currency symbol. If this sign – would disappear that would be awesome!




    3. Change that to:

    .single_variation_wrap .wgm-kleinunternehmerregelung {
         display: none;

    Regarding 1, here’s a better solution: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) /



    Perfect! Amazing support!

    Thank you Josue!


    Too happy too soon.

    I added the code from the URL you postet to functions.php in theme and it worked. But only for myself while I’m logged in. If I log myself out, the price “From-To” appears again. :/ How can that be?


    Flush you cache plugin.

    Best regards,


    Hi Josue!
    I’d like to have support for a question related to products’ variations: should I open a new thread?



    You can post it here :)



    I hope you can help me!
    I have a product which is a led dimmer: it could be sold in two versions, Constant Current (CC) o Constant Voltage (CV).
    Regarding (CC): it could be sold with the followings features mixed together:
    – 350mA, 500mA, 700mA, 900mA
    – with button, with potentiometer, with analog control

    Regardin (CV): it could be sold as follows:
    – with button, with potentiometer, with analog control

    So… if I mix variations, it occurs that (CV) version should also have at least one of the 350mA, 500mA, 700mA, 900mA options in order to be put in cart. But, as you may know Constant Voltage wouldn’t be in mA… :)
    How can I fix it?
    Hope you can understand example. If not, I’ll try to explain better… :)

    Thanks and best regards.

    *** EDIT ***
    I’d like to know how I can set variations in order to make purchasable items by choosing at least only two of three available features.

    product 1 = feature1 + feat.2 + feat.3

    product n = feature2+ feature3

    The latter can’t be purchased becasue Woo expects to have 3 specified features.

    *** EDIT ***
    I realized what may solve this kind of “issue”: I have to consider two main kind of products, since Woo doesn’t match variations in some other ways. Isn’t it?



    Yes, you need to set two main products. Alternatively you can try to build an advanced product form with Gravity Forms and



    Hi Dude!
    Thanks for your useful reply!
    I saw Gravity demo: really interesting! But sooo expensive, too!
    Isn’t any other free or cheaper alternative solution out there?



    Tbh I never used a reset button and I never searched for a contact form which comes with this feature. You can try this plugin and follow the tips here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) ?replies=5 or here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -7/


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