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    Hi, I am now receiving .woff2 404 errors, the hosting said to try switching the theme to use .woff instead. Was this a change since the theme updated, just started receiving these errors on my site.


    Hey SAdesignsUnltd,

    Is that a file which you uploaded? Please send us a temporary WordPress admin login and login URL so that we can have a closer look. You can post the details in the Private Content section of your reply.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rickard, it isn’t. I am thinking before with the custom fontello icons, they didn’t have a .woff2 file. But I wasn’t getting those errors. So maybe enfold is now looking for that file too?


    Hi SAdesignsUnltd,

    Can you give us steps on how to reproduce this error?
    Also Please post us your login credentials (in the “private data” field), so we can take a look at your backend.

    1. Install and activate ” Temporary Login Without Password “.
    2. Go to ” Users > Temporary Logins ” on the left-side menu.
    3. Click ” Create New “.
    4. Add the email address for the account ( you can use (Email address hidden if logged out) ), as well as the ” Role ” making that the highest possible and the expiry about four days
      ( to be sure that we have enough time to debug ).
    5. Click ” Submit “.
    6. You’ll now have a temporary account. Please provide us here in the private section the URL, so we can login and help you out.

    When your issue is fixed, you can always remove the plugin!
    If you prefer to not use the plugin, you can manually create an admin user and post the login credentials in the “private data” field.

    Best regards,


    Hi Nikko, It just shows up in the coding. As well when going to the page, I notice the icons loading in slower. These icons had been uploaded a long time ago, so I don’t believe they had the .woff2 file in the zip file. That might be something new? Or enfold is now checking for that first? Image link and page link below.


    all fixed, I believe. I am going in an reimporting the zip files and it seems to fix the errors.


    Hi SAdesignsUnltd,

    We are delighted to hear that :)
    Let us know if you still need further assistance.

    Best regards,

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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