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    i had some problems solved in this thread:

    But there are still ef few:

    In the songle product page i now have a sidebar in there which i do not want an do not know where it came from. See Link no. 1
    Also the review and description box is still in a way i can not read anything. ( There is a description of the product.)
    THen the title of “Ähnliche Produkte” over other items … how can i change the font in white or grey?

    The other thing is in the product overview. Under the Productimage, Title, Price and Tax there is a grey field where you can “put into cart” or “view details”. On hover it chages color but you can not read it. If you click with mouse, hold and drag you can see it. How can i fiy that?

    Also the cart page has the problem with the font color.

    Thanks in advance! Simon

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    Hey simonac!

    Thank you for using the theme!

    1.) You can disable the sidebar for single product page by editing the product. Look for Layout > Sidebar Setting. Choose the widget area with no widgets applied. Another thing that you can do is to disable the sidebar on Enfold > Sidebar Layout > Sidebar on Single Post Pages. Choose “no sidebar”.

    2.) The products tabs are still not working. Try to change the product description color with this:

    div#tab-description p {
    color: red;

    3.) Do you prefer the transparent background? If not, you can use this:

    .main_color .inner_product div.avia_cart_buttons {
    opacity: 1;
    #top .main_color .avia_cart_buttons .button {
    color: black;



    Hi Ismael,
    looks good so far!

    Just the cart page has still the white font. (Put something in there and you will see.)
    As well as the comment font color in a single product.

    And on a single product page, under the product there is “Ähnliche Produkte” . How to change this color?

    …i made the sidebar go away over the enfold settings. But i did not find any layout–>sidebar settings in the product page. Do you have e screenshot of where this setting is?


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    1) To change the color of the cart page font use this code:

    .woocommerce-cart .main_color span{
    color: #333;

    2) You can change the “Ähnliche Produkte” font color with:

    #top #wrap_all .related.products h2, #top #wrap_all .upsells.products h2 {
    color: #333;

    3) The single product pages do not have a sidebar in the common sense and the widgets (Single Product widget area) display underneath the product thumbnail. If you want to hide them use some css code:

    .single-product .sidebar {
    display: none;



    Hi Dude,

    now the description and review tabs are gone again on the product pages.
    …and the “Ähnliche Produkte” font color did not change.



    now the description and review tabs are gone again on the product pages.

    1) It’s impossible that my code breaks the tabs – it just changes the color values. Something else breaks them and you must revert your custom code to find the culprit.

    2) Can you post a link to the related products please?


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    Thank you for the update.

    There are 403 errors which means that you need to check the folder or file permissions of your installation. Contact your hosting provider. The font color of the related product should change using the suggested code above. Please try this:

    #top #wrap_all .related.products h2, #top #wrap_all .upsells.products h2 {
    color: red !important;



    Hi Ismael,

    thanks that worked.
    But the other things are still not solved.

    1) Please put an item in the cart and go to the check out. Then you see that on both, cart and checkout there is more text/font which you can not read because of the font color.
    2) Another thing: How ca i remove the Info under the product:
    Art.-Nr.: 005. Kategorie: Shop Angela Bittel. Stichworte: Angela Bittel, Einzelcoaching Privat, Voice of Heart.

    ( Where can i see the 403 Errors?)

    Many thanks in advance!



    These are the 403 errors which seems to indicate you’ll need to re-install woocommerce and/or make sure those files are publicly readable:

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)

    For the variations table on a product you can change the color of the labels with:

    #top .variations_form > table .label {
    color: #666 !important;

    In general because of the styling options you have set the table colors are getting set to be too light. So you can do a full site-wide change of them with the following:

    .main_color table {
        color: #444;
    .main_color table caption, .main_color tr:nth-child(even), .main_color .pricing-table>li:nth-child(even){



    Thanks Devin,
    the codes worked!

    Just the part in the payment methods on the checkout page was not be done with this code.

    and the question 2) is still open.

    Many thanks in advance great support!!!


    …and there is a little shifted button in the right bottom corner as you see in the 1st sc.


    Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #top #payment {
        color: #333;
    #top #payment #place_order {
        float: none;
        margin-top: 0;
    #top.single-product .product_meta {
    display: none;
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    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    .single-product li[itemprop="reviews"] p {
        color: black !important;



    Thanks Josue that was the right one.

    A thing that i mentioned was the “choose land” in the check out where the customer has to put his adress.
    This is also in a color that you can not read.

    How can i change that?

    Thanks Simon


    Hi Simon!

    This is how it looks on my end –
    Please flush browser cache and refresh your page a few times. If this element is not the right one, please post a screenshot and show the correct one

    Best regards,


    Hmm, your sc look strange. Is that on a mobile? The background ist also not as it should be and the fields are double…

    This is how it look like on my Laptop on Firefox

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    What page is that on? I’m just not sure where the screenshot is coming from to be able to try and identify what css you might need.

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    What page, on that domain is it specifically?

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