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    Hi Guys:

    I’ve built an entirely new site, using Advanced Layout Builder in Enfold here:

    Wishlist Plugin is being used but none of the protected pages are working/protected. I see a lot of posts about this and, like everyone else, there is no other option other than Wishlist for the Membership Requirements this site owner has; they have to use Wishlist and it’s paid for and it integrates with Infusionsoft, who they are also heavily in bed with.

    I can see from Wishlist support and Enfold that this is a known problem, that Wishlist plugin does not work with the Avia Layout Builder; I can’t switch to Default Editor, that doesn’t work – I have a ton of pages – classrooms essentially – that need to be protected.

    Have you come up with a fix or are you willing to work with Wishlist to come up with one ??? Help, Have a very upset client! :)


    Hi Eleina_Shinn!

    The default editor is not working either? I think that should be working. Is WordPress, Enfold, and Wishlist updated to their latest versions?

    Send us a WordPress login and we’ll take a look. Also try deactivating all of your other plugins except Wishlist.


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    Oh I see. Not sure if there is much we can do about that. I would just use the default editor.

    Have you tried this?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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