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    Hello developer,

    I have encounter this bug which is happening only on Android based tablet like Samsung and xoom on lanscape mode. I think my client just hit the “INTERNET” icon from this tablets which is the default android browser.

    Just launch website recently using enfold template. Very happy with everything except for this bug which needs a solution or way-out.


    i am facing a super weird issue with the menu in which it keeps showing on the 2/3 bottom of the screen instead on the top.

    See images:

    All Desktop, Android mobile, iphone, even iPAD, Chrome, Safari, IE are all working perfectly. The menu is kept at the top. It only happens to android tablets which i think it is bigger than 1024px in width after looking at the camera shots on tablets.

    I have tried with all kinds of configuration and this weird behavior is there there, happening.

    Using Enfold Version 2.0.1

    Tried with all kinds of config already but problem is still there.


    1. Responsive: Responsive Layout Default (1030px), Responsive Layout Large (1210)

    2. All kinds of header settings: Fixed, Non-Fixed, with or without social icon. etc..

    3. I have change code to have a fixed logo without resizing when scrollling but problem still there.


    1. Is there a known fixed for the weird behavior of the menu showing on 2/3 below the page?

    2. Besides forcing the menu into responsive menu by detecting the width of that tablet which i don’t think is the solution as it is wider than 1024px, is there other possible solution?

    3. Is there other code fixes i can try to test it out?

    Hope for an answer. thank you.



    I just tested your page on Chrome in a Nexus 7 with Android 4.3 in landscape mode, and here’s what i got:

    Try testing in different mobile browsers and be sure you are using the latest version of Android, it could be many things, like third party apps, vendor apps, etc.




    Thanks for the quick test and reply.

    (1) I have affirmative working solution with the menu configuration to Non-Fixed (i.e. Menu only sits on the top of pages) Menu settings only. The default Fixed menu (i.e. Floating and Sticky Menu) is still having problem with ASUS transformer infinity tablet.


    (2) Both Non-Fixed and Fixed menu works fine with most common tablets: Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Note 10.1 and 8, IPAD 1,2,3.

    (3) Smaller screen mobile device is using the responsive menu and it is working well. IPHONE, Samsung, etc.

    Found a good samsung developer remote tablet and mobile testing can be found here. Very interesting. But sometimes their office Wifi can be a problem and thus, unable to test.

    Yes, many possibilities ( I think an ASUS OS firmware update is necessary to fixed the real problems) and thank you Josue for the effort in reply and test.

    Frankly, Fixed menu is not really gonna be satisfactory because it still took up too much space for the menu to be always displayed a-top + the social icon, etc. especially on small mobile screen like iphone no matter portrait or landscape view. I think it is convention usability behavior acceptance. People don’t mind to scroll down and up.

    anyway a good discovery for me, Case close for me and i just set it to non-fixed menu options as default and should work 99%. thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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