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    Hi Enfold
    I have the following questions:

    1) How can the white outer space passed the left and right margins be less? or is it possible to make same measurement on both sides
    Now the left and margin are 141px and the right is 157px

    2)Under dimensions->Content + Sidebar Width->Now it is 90%
    Would it help to make this 100?

    3)Or would the best solution be to reduce the space by changing the dimensions to 100%, and thereby move the margins? But I guess it would mean a re-work of the complete website?

    Best regards


    Hi Lene,

    1. It is definitely possible with use of CSS. There are two things used here, which is width and padding. I think changing only the padding would be fine:

    #top #main .container {
        padding-left: 141px;
        padding-right: 157px;

    just adjust the values as you see fit.

    2. It could help if you want the design to be using the whole width.

    3. I think you will need to rework if it’s only the container that you need to make adjustments.

    I think what you need to consider is how it would look on different devices for example large desktop screens vs laptop/notebook, if you go fullwidth then 100% would be best case for you, if the design is not scalable to larger screens then having a maximum container width of certain px might be the best to use.

    Best regards,

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    I believe that you are refuring to this margin and padding of the pags, the red is the margin, and the green is the padding:
    so if you change the dimensions to 100% it would remove the margin, and currently you have the padding set to 20px and you could adjust that until the designer is happy.
    Or you could remove the padding and set the dimensions to a width that the designer is happy with and it would be a set amount for all screen sizes, so either way would give the same result.

    Best regards,

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    I believe that you are understanding correctly, I didn’t see any stretching, but the image stretching may also occur at very large screen widths like 2560px, it kind of depends.

    Best regards,

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