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    For the last few days, it appears that the titles of my Widgets aren’t displaying.

    This is an issue as I use the titles to link to sections of my blog.


    Hey NoelleMBrooks,

    Thank you for contacting us. Please mention precisely which widget titles are not showing?

    For testing purpose please try to remove the link from the title and let us know if that shows up fine?

    Best regards,


    All of my widget titles are not displaying, whether they have links or not, and regardless of their location on my website.
    I also just noticed that this is affecting my Shoppage, which can be a problem for customers. I use the widgets to display sorting options, such as Price, Size, Color, etc.

    You can view my widgets on the sidebar on my Blog ( or Shop ( pages or in the footer on any page.

    The widgets not displaying titles in the Sidebar Blog are: Blogs, Creative Writing, Essays, Updates, Themes, Schedule, and Twitter.
    The widget not displaying a title in the Sidebar Page is: Commissions
    The widgets not displaying titles in the Shop Overview page are: Price, Product, Series, Medium, Size, Orientation, Color, and Themes,.
    The widgets not displaying titles in the Footer Columns are: About, Blog, Community, Shop, and Schedule.



    You have this CSS in the file in private:

    .widgettitle {
        display: none!important;

    Best regards,


    Oh! Thank you so much!

    I had forgotten I had added that CSS to remove one specific widget title.
    I’ve added a page id, so the rest of the widget titles are now displaying.

    This forum can be closed and resolved.



    Great, glad we could help. I’ll close this forum for now then :D

    Please open a new thread if you should have any further questions or problems.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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