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    hello, about this page im having 2 questions
    1. it keeps on displaying a long list of pages on the right, but all widgets are empty.
    how to get rid ot this list of pages.
    2. the numbers in the image. number 4 and 5 are in fact the same.
    i cant name them BOTH number 4? (and number 6 would than become number 5)


    if youl will have a look at the page…
    how can i get rid of the page listing in the sidebar on the right? all my widgets are deactivated, even in the enfold settings ive made the necessary changes but they keep appearing. (and so are categories and archive).
    (Enfold > Sidebar > Page Sidebar navigation is disabled as well)

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    hmmm…not one widget was activated, but still pages, categories and archives were there.
    no ive just made a new widget area, Nieuws, and put some blogposts in it.
    only now pages, categories and archives are gone.
    strange. imagine i want no content at all on the right, only an emply sidebar, how could i possible achieve this?

    on this page the problem is still there:

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    Thank you for using Enfold.

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    1.) Disable the Page Sidebar navigation in the Enfold > Sidebar Settings panel.

    2.) I’m sorry but you can’t change the hotspots numbers because they are automatically defined.

    Best regards,


    hello ismail, ok, ill take notice of that.

    1. yes, but thats not what i meant. my client wants trhe right side bar to be there, but empty. (why? i think he likes the balance of the page this way and he likes the vertical line). now, ive found another solution: ive made an empty widget. it might be unorthodox but it worked, there was no other way of getting rid of the pages list, archives list, categorie list. i dont no why.
    2. ok, thanks



    1.) This will NOT remove the sidebar entirely. It will disable the “Page Sidebar Navigation” which is a widget inside the sidebar.

    2.) You can set the hotspot to blank instead of numbered.

    Best regards,

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